What makes us special

Made with love

Made with love

All our marshmallows are made with love, it's simple really but we believe it makes them taste better. We strive to produce the finest marshmallows in a range of interesting flavours, with care and quality being paramount.
Made fresh, daily

Made fresh, daily

All our marshmallows are made fresh. We don’t believe in keeping things stored away for days on end, each batch is made lovingly for you, by hand. It really does make for a marshmallow like no other you will have tasted!
Delivered to your door

Delivered to your door

Very soon you will be able to order our marshmallows through the online shop. Feel free to browse and get excited about all of our great flavours. If you really can’t wait until the online shop is ready, then please get in touch.
Beautiful, fluffy marshmallow

Beautiful, fluffy marshmallow

We specialise in marshmallows, beautiful, fluffy marshmallows in nine exciting and unique flavours! We've got something for everyone, from Vanilla to Strawberry and Prosecco - we're always looking to keep things fresh and exciting so let us know if you have any thoughts.

What people think of Lilley & Lambert

Fab ! My daughter bought a box of your marshmallows fairly late on today at the roundhouse she loves them ! well we all do - where can we buy more?
Fantastic being next to you gents at allestree today, the misses says the marshmallows are amazing. Best she's ever had and wants more as these ones lasted 5 minutes. You assured me they'd last a couple of weeks!
Hi guy's I tried some of your brownie's today (when i got a spare 5 minutes to look around in between customers!)They were gorgeous. I'll try and pop over again tomorrow to sneak a piece of marshmallow. Hope you have a brilliant day again tomorrow.
A massive thank you to you both for the fantastic service, your kind offer of help on the day of my daughters christening but mostly for making the nicest marshmallows I have ever tasted! Our friends and family were so impressed and they made such a fantastic post dinner sweet treat. I will be back!!!

About Us

About Lilley & Lambert


From mothers to sons


Lilley and Lambert was born out of a failed attempt to make marshmallow to toast on the fire at a very wet (but fun) camping expedition. Our first try may have been terrible but we promise we’ve improved!

Food plays a big part in our lives, with our first memories and influence coming from our mums. So much so, their maiden names form the name of our business.

We wanted to create something truly special, unique and something worthy of putting their names too.

All of our products are full of fun, but more importantly packed with flavour. We started out small, going to trade shows and food fairs across Derbyshire. We think our marshmallows are too good not to share with the rest of the UK, so this year look out for us at events across the country. Keep an eye on our website too as very soon you’ll be able to order our products through the online shop.

It is early days and we’re still working on new and exciting recipes, keep up to date with the latest via our website. If you have any comments then please let us know. We hope everyone enjoys our marshmallows as much as we do!

 Alex and Jon